Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross Training Medical Billers and Coders

Medical billers and medical coders perform similar tasks, so it is only natural to wonder whether or not they should be cross trained. Here are some pros and cons for you to consider before making your decision.

Advantages of Cross Training

When it comes to cross training medical billing and coding specialists, you may notice a few clear-cut advantages, including:

#1. Improved Accuracy

Medical billers who are also familiar with medical coding can easily double check work for accuracy in an effort to reduce errors. Medical coders who know a little bit about medical billing will also be able to quickly identify problem codes and ensure the right documentation is in place before submitting an invoice.

#2. Ensuring the continuity of operations.

Your workflow won’t be slowed if your medical biller or medical coder gets sick or takes a vacation day. This also means you are less likely to have aged receivables or missed deadlines as a result.

#3. Preventing work from getting backed up.

If you have ever had to file a lot of appeals at one time, you know this can be overwhelming for your medical biller. If you have a medical coder who can pitch in, this will greatly reduce the burden on that person, who would otherwise have to shoulder all of the work.

#4. Improving office morale.

Studies show that employees whose duties vary a bit are generally more satisfied in the workplace, and are therefore more likely to maintain high standards of quality and productivity.

Disadvantages of Cross Training

Just because there are some positive aspects to cross training does not mean there are not some drawbacks you should be aware of. A few things to think about before you decide to cross train are:

#1. The fact that cross training can be time consuming.

Think about how long it takes to learn just medical billing or medical coding to get an idea of how much time could be required for an employee to learn the other function.

#2. Medical billing and medical coding are perishable skills.

As such, if workers do not utilize their knowledge on a regular basis, all that training could wind up being futile.

#3. Both occupations require individuals to engage in continuing education from time to time.

If employees are cross trained, they will need to keep up with the training requirements for both professions rather than only one.

#4. Those who are proficient at both medical billing and medical coding can command a higher salary on the open marketplace.

This means you could wind up needing to increase a worker’s salary in order to retain that person.
One way to ensure that you can take advantage of cross-trained medical billers and coders without having to deal with any of the disadvantages is to partner with us. Here at Leeward Medical, we have staff members who are proficient in both functions, and will utilize their talent to see that your practice succeeds. To find out more about the medical billing and coding services we offer, please feel free to contact us.